…with a Gaelic twist


A Gael’s eye view of the Highlands

‘The Gael’.. a word to describe a Gaelic-speaker, or a Highlander, and with the  ‘Gaelic Guides’ you get both at the same time.

The Highlands themselves are almost too difficult to describe fully – not matter how big the book, or the website. There is a new view or a new experience around every corner. The scenery is genuinely world-class with everything from remote and unspoiled beaches, to lochs, mountains and glens. Add to this a rich and distinctive culture and heritage – castles, cottages and cairns; Highland Games, kilts and piping.

However most visitors miss out one critical element of the Highlands’ heritage – the Gaelic language itself, which has helped shape the area down to the present day.

Why not get a real sense of the Highlands and Islands by booking a trip with the ‘Gaelic Guides’ – see the area through the eyes of a true Highlander and Gaelic speaker who can add that extra dimension to your trip.

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